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For Today's Manufacturers, We Know Wireless Inside and Out


Productivity and efficiency. They're the leading reasons why manufacturing companies and warehouses purchase Motorola portable business two-way radios and headsets. With smart, durable, easy-to-use wireless communication tools from Motorola, you'll accelerate job progress and keep every member of your production team connected and efficient.


Success in industry depends on two things... efficiency and responsiveness. Motorola radios provide the clear communication, often in noisy environments, that is essential to avoid downtime - and to enable the fastest response to production problems or injuries.



Manufacturing and Warehousing Workplaces Present Many Challenges

Motorola Two-Way Radios Provide the Solutions


Challenge: Labor-intensive jobs with extensive hands-on work.

Solution: Durable, easy-to-use radios clip right on the belt for hands-free portability.


Challenge: Rotating shifts with long hours.

Solution: Instant contact ensures smooth and speedy shift changes for supervisors, equipment technicians, and material handlers.


Challenge: Pressure to eliminate unnecessary steps, space, and materials.

Solution: Motorola two-way radios improve overall productivity and assembly line timing and communication. Time and resources are used more efficiently.


Challenge: Safety and security concerns.

Solution: Workers can coordinate and respond quickly to disturbances or emergencies.


Challenge: High tech tools common in production sites.

Solution: Production managers can instantly contact department personnel for immediate updates. Coordinate loading dock operations - mobilize team when a shipment arrives.


* First Research Industry Profiles, 2004


Recommended for:













Machinery operators


Material handlers

Maintenance and janitorial crew


No Contracts, No Monthly Fees, No Per-Call Charges.


Keep your manufacturing teams connected and your production line moving. Everyone benefits from Motorola two-way radios.


MOTOTRBO™ Helps Manufacturers Be More Competitive.


You know the challenges. You need to maximize productivity to stay competitive -which demands clear communication through long work shifts. Also critical to the industry is ensuring plant safety and security and the ability to rapidly respond to incidents.

Powered by advanced Motorola technology, the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System is ready to help you respond to those challenges with enhanced productivity.


Make Everything Clear


To help your employees communicate when operating in noisy environments, MOTOTRBO provides digital noise suppression and audio that stays clear throughout the coverage area.


Ready for Hard Work and Long Shifts


MOTOTRBO’s digital design allows you to communicate directly to subgroups you define—for example, individual work groups. Nobody will be distracted hearing messages intended for others.


Safety First


With their clearer audio quality throughout the coverage area, dependability, and emergency calling feature, MOTOTRBO radios help you provide the fastest, most accurate response to emergency situations. They’re also FM-compatible, for safe use around combustible gasses and liquids.


A Great Fit for Your Bottom Line


Compared to analog solutions, MOTOTRBO offers twice the calling capacity for the price of one License - thanks to Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) technology. A second call doesn’t require a second repeater, saving on equipment. MOTOTRBO utilizes Motorola's state-of-the-art IMPRES™ technology in batteries, chargers and audio accessories, providing longer talk times and clearer audio delivery.