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XPR 2500 Mobile





The power of digital communications is now within reach with the MOTOTRBO XPR 2500 mobile two-way radio. Compact and capable, the XPR 2500 keeps workers connected whether they are picking up cargo or transporting passengers. Delivering the best in digital radio technology, with features like integrated voice systems capability, twice the calling capacity, and clearer voice communications, the XPR 2500 is versatile and powerful. For those operating on analog, the XPR 2500 lets you upgrade to digital at your own pace and budget, with simple scalability to add functions and features. For affordable digital voice systems capability, the MOTOTRBO XPR 2500 gets the job done with clarity and ease.



Standard Package Includes
Compact Microphone (PMMN4090)
Low Profile Bracket (RLN6469)
10 ft Power Cable (HKN4191)
Two-Year Warranty



Main Radio Features
Max. Number of Channels 128
Display Monochrome
Keypad (via enhanced Microphone) Optional
Menu Navigation Buttons N/A
Front Programmable Buttons 4
Channel Up / Down Rocker YES
Control Station Operation YES
Handheld Control Head N/A



Enhanced Radio Features
Remote Mount N/A
Expansion Card N/A
Bluetooth Audio and Data N/A
Third Party Applications N/A



Systems Supported
Analog Conventional YES
Digital Conventional YES
IP Site Connect Optional
Capacity Plus Optional
Linked Capacity Plus Optional
Conect Plus N/A
LTR/PassPort N/A




























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