We are Working!

Message to our Employees and Customers.

We want to make sure you know we are open for business and can help with all Radio Communications needs you might have during this extremely difficult time.

We have kept our doors open because we play a critical role in Public Safety and the Safety of all our Customers. Our normal work routine does not usually involve working in or with large crowds of people which is highly warned against. Any meetings that were scheduled have been canceled or moved to a later date or achieved over the phone.

Any scheduled onsite installs will be assessed to make sure it is a safe environment to be done. I do not want anyone put in a position that may be in harm’s way or one that someone might be uncomfortable with.

Make sure we are all taking the necessary precautions that is being distributed by the CDC. Be sure to use Hand Sanitizer, wash your hands often and thoroughly and be conscience of Social Distancing with co-workers, customers and others. The hardest part for me is not to shake hands, it’s automatic for me to reach out my hand. It is OK to clinch your fists and say “Sorry, I’m not shaking hands these days”, people understand and will not get offended, most are like me and just forget and appreciate being reminded.

As things change for the BETTER or worse, we will adjust accordingly. But we are here for you and are ready to assist with your Critical Communications.

Thank You and Please Be Safe,

Jeff Livingston

Owner/ Vice President

COVID-19 STATUS Please Read!