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Wireless Wide Area Networks

We have extensive experience designing, installing, and maintaining both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless microwave systems as well as wireless in-building local area networks (WLANs).  The microwave systems can be used to replace existing voice and data circuits thus eliminating the high recurring costs from the phone companies, to connect new buildings with a cost-effective high-speed network, or for campus build-out situations where multiple buildings exist within a campus environment. We have existing wireless point-to-point links that span over 14 miles!  We can also provide a wireless network study to determine what will be needed to build a wireless system and at what costs. We have RF engineers on staff who have designed and managed a wide range of wireless systems from 6’ dish antenna microwave systems to in-building wireless access points.

The best solution depends on several factors – what your usage will be, speeds needed, coverage areas, costs, etc.  Making the right choice is an important business decision and can be a daunting task. Let us help you find the solutions for your business needs.

We Will Help You:

  • Determine what is best among the bewildering array of choices.
  • Design a scalable solution with investment protection
  • Use the internet to increase productivity with fast, secure, and reliable access
  • Grow and compete in Global Economy


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