APX 3000

Whether you’re an undercover officer or in special operations, you need to communicate securely while blending into the surroundings. The APX 3000 P25 TDMA capable radio helps you stay in contact while it stays out of sight. We designed it for covert operations by removing traditional elements – the keypad, display, speaker and microphone – to create a slim, compact radio that operates via accessories. Mission Critical Wireless accessories let you choose how to wear the radio – on a belt, in a backpack, bag or purse, on your body, or carried by a team member up to 30 feet away. Forward and backward compatible with all Motorola mission critical radio systems, the APX 3000 delivers interoperable voice communications you can trust.

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APX 3000

Features and Benefits
Available in 700/800 MHz, VHF, UHF R1, and UHF R2 frequency bands
Trunking Standards Supported :
* Clear or Digital encrypted ASTRO ® 25 Trunked Operations
* Capable of SmartZone®, SmartZone Omnilink, SmartNet®
Analog MDC-1200 and Digital APCO P25 Conventional System Configurations
Narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver (6.25 kHz equivalent / 12.5 kHz/ 20 kHz / 25 kHz)
Embedded digital signaling (ASTRO & ASTRO 25)
User programmable Voice Announcement
Meets Applicable MIL-STD-810C, D, E, F, and G
IP67 standard (submersible 1 meter, 30 minutes)
Utilizes Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Customer Programming Software
* Supports USB communications
* Built in FLASHport™ support
Full portfolio of accessories including IMPRES batteries, charger, wired and wireless audio accessories
Optinal Features
Enhanced Encryption capabilty
Programming over Project 25
Man Down
Mission Critical Wireless
Integrated GPS

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